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Virtual joystick driver

vJoy is a device driver bridging the gap between any device that is not a joystick and an application that requires a joystick. Originally designed as a replacement to PPJoy, this utility software allows keyboard input to be translated to joystick input. If you develop a program for Windows that needs user physical input, this app can help. It is implemented as a joystick virtual device for Windows, which does not represent actual hardware. However, it comes with a simple interface, allowing users to modify the app’s provided sample code.

Download and installation

As noted, Windows seems vJoy as a standard joystick device. It can be incorporated into your device as is—meaning you can use the provided sample code—or you can modify the code to your preference. To make it easier for the users, the app can be used with fixed configuration. There are three branches provided that you can use, depending on your needs. The most recommended branch is the Incompatible (to PPJoy), also known as vJoy 2.x. It is the most advanced branch that is fully configurable and secure. It also supports up to 16 virtual devices. 

If you need a more simple replacement for PPJoy, then the Compatible/Fixed branch is best for you. It is stable and offers one device with eight fixed axes and 32 buttons. However, it is not configurable and its axes cannot be re-mapped. There is also the Compatible/Configurable branch which allows you to set the number of buttons and select the needed axes. Note, however, that you cannot re-map the axes in this branch unless you are willing to make small changes in your code. 

The installation of the app is straightforward. However, it might take a while, and can sometimes fail. Once done, you can launch the app directly or launch it from the Start menu. It also provides two virtual joysticks, configurable with 30 inputs each. You can assign a button to each type of joystick input. To configure a joystick function, you can either select the key to assign from the combo box or use the three-dot button to input the key from the keyboard. 

Use a keyboard and mouse as a joystick

vJoy is a helpful tool for those who are using games and applications that require a joystick. The app is useable as is, but it also offers configuration options to suit your needs. The installation might take time, but, all in all, it is a help to those who want to emulate joystick behavior. 


  • Highly configurable
  • 64-bit support
  • Signed drivers
  • Can be incorporated to your device as is


  • Installation takes time
  • Cannot keep the motion and speed like an analog joystick
  • Compatibility to PPJoy is limited to translation of joystick axes

vJoy for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V beta-2.0
  • 2
  • (0)
  • Security Status

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